Find out more about your Complete team – Jamie Williams – Hudson

  • Jamie Williams – Hudson.
  • Age 25
  • Lives in Newton Aycliffe
  • Position – Area Sales Manager

North-East footballing superstar turned Complete Material Handling sales god, Jamie Hudson-Williams caught up with us today in a one-off interview. The Heighton F.C. semi-unprofessional footballer, who craves the Teesside press on an annual gestured piece in the Gazette, took the time out of his so-called busy day to answer a few questions on his career here at Complete Material Handling.

  • Jamie, you have been at CMH for over 2 years, what attracted you to the company?
    The thing that attracted me the most was working for a company that was in the early stages of trading and being there whilst the foundations were being built, as well as working for Kev having worked with him earlier in my career.
  • Where do you see CMH in years to come?
    I think the vision is to be the go-to material handling business in the north east, and who knows maybe we could branch out even further! Looking at the growth we have had since I joined in January 2017, it’s clear that there are good things coming for Complete if we look after our customers.
  • You are a fully trained engineer but found a passion in selling forklift. How have you found the transition?
    It has been challenging at times, but I have enjoyed the challenge and I am learning more and more every day, having worked in the industry as a forklift engineer puts me in good stead to be able to understand the products.
  • What benefits have you got over the other sales staff?
    I would say the main benefits I bring is being able to understand forklifts trucks from a technical point of view, ensuring the correct maintenance package is being supplied and understanding technical data thoroughly. I also think that being the first sales person working for the business is great as I know the full story of Complete and the type of business we are striving to be.
  • What would like to achieve in your career here at CMH?
    Job satisfaction is a massive thing for me, and I think if I do a good job and help customers select the right equipment and maintenance packages, that is a big achievement. I would also like to work towards senior management role within the business. But at the minute I am very happy with my progress so far.

But did you know this about Jamie

  • Best mate at work and why?
    I don’t have a best mate at work, however I have known Ian Willis (Engineer) the longest, he is the person that recommended I began a career in the material handling industry back in 2011. I know him outside of work due to similar interests and worked with him at our previous employer.
  • How would you describe yourself?
    A top geezer!!
  • What is your favourite car?
    At the minute it would be my new car, BMW 320D M Sport.
  • Favourite food?
    Any food is my favourite food, I love to eat, at the minute I fancy pizza!
  • Favourite thing to do?
    Football followed by football! I play Saturday and Sunday league, although my legs can’t hack both!
  • If I wasn’t here, I would have been a…
    I always fancied a career in the police force.
  • Who is your hero?
    My hero is probably my mam!
  • What annoys you?
    Being asked very awkward questions by Keith (legend), the marketing manager!
  • What would you change in the world if you could?
    Terrorism is the main thing I would like to get rid of, but I think way social media plays a big factor in younger people’s lives is very un-healthy
  • Highlight at CMH so far
    My biggest highlight is our trip to South Korea last year to the Doosan factory, the hospitality and culture is fantastic, along with the food of course! The factory really painted a picture to us of the quality and precision that goes into the manufacturing process at Doosan.

As an all-rounder, Jamie really provides Complete Material Handling customers with superb service, his knowledge and experience within the industry, provides direction and clarity to his customers up and down the North-East.

If you would like to speak to Jamie for any information on any material handling issues, please call him on 07539 491440 or e-mail

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