Forklift rental in Billingham & Stockton

If you are operating a small business or warehouse, you may need quick access to high-quality forklift vehicles. Forklift trucks are highly specialised and often expensive pieces of equipment, so investing in buying one of your own may not be the best business move. Instead, having access to a cutting-edge fleet of readily available forklifts will enable you to tap into temporary demand when needed, while keeping operating costs low.

Why rent a forklift through Complete Material Handling?

We are proud to offer Billingham and Stockton businesses an extensive range of forklift vehicles, suitable for carrying out everyday warehouse activities. Available with load capacities from 1.25 – 25 tonnes, our vehicles include a range of fuel types of diesel to electric.

Save costs

Renting equipment such as forklifts is almost guaranteed to save you money. Running a business depends on a healthy cash flow, so it’s wise not to have your cash tied up in assets such as vehicles. Renting forklifts, rather than buying them, will help you keep more of your money accessible for other investments.

Respond to temporary spikes in demand

Business can be unpredictable and many deal with temporary spikes and slumps in activity. Renting a forklift can enable you to jump on high business demand when it presents itself and keep costs low while in periods of low demand. Our forklifts are suitable for a range of business types, whether you need just one to help with small lifting tasks, or you need a whole fleet to tap into a large potential business contract.

Meet seasonal demand

We’ve recently seen a rapid rise in online shopping in the UK. For businesses that sell seasonal products, this has meant huge demand in peak periods, followed by months of low demand. Whether renting a whole fleet of vehicles or just one, you can choose the term of your rental with us. So, if you only need your fleet to cope with summer demand, you only need to pay for it during that period.

Access some of the best forklifts on the market

At Complete Material Handling, we’ve built up an impressive collection of forklifts. We stock trucks from leading suppliers such as Doosan and EP, incorporating diesel, LPG, electric and lithium0ion fuel types. We invest in the latest models to ensure the best performance all round, from the greenest engines to the longest-lasting batteries.

Fully-serviced vehicles

When you rent forklift trucks through us, you of course don’t need to worry about costs incurred through servicing and maintenance. Unlike vehicle ownership, forklift rental comes with no maintenance and repair costs. We replace our vehicles regularly and conduct servicing throughout to keep them in the best shape while they are with us.

Quick replacement – guaranteed

If you own a fleet of forklifts and one or more need time out for servicing or damage, we can quickly get you a replacement. Our forklifts are available at short notice and for short time periods. Providing a temporary replacement for any forklifts that are out of action helps you carry on your business operations without interruption.

Available at short notice

We know that business can be fast-moving. That’s why we aim to get our forklifts out to our customers within as short a timeframe as possible. Such is the extent of our fleet that we’re almost certain we’ll be able to get the right forklift vehicle out to you sometimes within a matter of hours.

If you’d like to find out more about which forklift is right for you, feel free to give our friendly team a call today  on 0191 271 0899 for advice.