Forklift rental in Durham & Peterlee

You might be operating a largescale warehouse, a distribution hub, or a small business involved in picking and packing but either way, you’ll need dependable forklift trucks for the work you do. If your operation is based around Durham or Peterlee, at Complete Material Handling, we can provide strong support.

We understand that purchasing a forklift truck might not always be cost-effective or convenient for your firm. When you’ve got extra work on, you may only need additional trucks for the short term and just require their use temporarily. While we do offer both new and used forklifts to buy, we also provide a reliable rental service of high-quality equipment for this very reason.

An impressive range of forklift options

Our selection of forklift trucks for rental around Durham and Peterlee has been hand-picked to include world-class brands like Doosan and EP that deliver optimum performance and dependability. We supply the latest counterbalance forklift trucks available and offer an extensive range to suit a diverse selection of applications. Whether you’re looking for forklifts that run on LPG or diesel or more eco-friendly options running on electric batteries, we have an option for you and the solutions we supply can handle load capacities of between 1.25 and 25 tonnes. This means that whatever your application is, we can guarantee we’ll have the right truck to get the job done.

Conventionally fuelled forklifts

Durham’s industrial past has a strong founding in the use of fossil fuels and today many operations still require equipment powered by diesel and Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) for their specific processes. On large sites with a lot of ground to cover or heavier loads that must be carried, electric options might not be suitable or economical.

We are an official Doosan supplier, allowing us to supply a wide range of LPG and diesel engine counterbalance forklift trucks that are second to none. While this equipment uses traditional fuels, they are counted among the greenest options available on the current market while never compromising on efficiency and power.

Environmentally friendly forklifts

Hailed as the United Kingdom’s greenest city, Durham is renowned for its eco-friendly efforts and Peterlee is following its example with many industrial firms choosing more sustainable methods onsite. If your enterprise is seeking eco-friendlier options, we have forklift trucks that aren’t powered by fossil fuels.

Our fully electric forklifts for rental are part of the Doosan range and offer the latest innovations in industry-leading technology and produce zero emissions. We are also an official supplier of EP forklifts, powered by lithium-Ion batteries. These new forklifts are fast becoming a popular choice for UK material handling operations for the many benefits they offer. As well as being environmentally friendly, they are also prized for their long lifespan and rapid onboard charging ability.

Solutions to suit your site

Whether you need forklift trucks that are compact and manoeuvrable in tight spaces and comfortable to use over long shifts or heavy-duty workhorses with high-visibility and able to bear tonnes of heavy materials, we have a solution to suit your requirements. Our rental options have also been designed to suit a selection of different budgets and are competitively priced so you can always find an affordable forklift rental.

Forklift experts on hand

If your firm requires forklift rental in Durham and Peterlee but you’re not sure what equipment to rent, we’re here for you. With extensive experience of the latest solutions available for material handling, we can advise on the best option to suit your operation’s need. Contact our expert team today on 0191 271 0899 or simply fill in our easy-to-use contact form.