Forklift rental in Gateshead & Newcastle upon tyne

If you’re operating a large factory, a warehouse, or just a small business managing stock, you’ll require reliable forklifts for your work. Regardless of its size, if your enterprise is based in Gateshead or Newcastle upon Tyne, at Complete Material Handling, we can supply the equipment you need.

We know that buying a forklift outright isn’t always the best option for a company. When your need is temporary, like when an extra truck will help you fulfil a big order or one of your fleet breaks down, short-term hire can be more practical and less pricey. While we do supply used-refurbished and brand-new forklifts for purchase, we also have a dependable rental service, offering high-quality equipment for your needs.

An extensive range of forklift solutions

Our fleet of forklifts for rental around Gateshead and Newcastle upon Tyne has been carefully selected to include world-leading brands like EP and Doosan that can deliver maximum performance and reliability. We offer the most cutting-edge forklifts currently available and supply a diverse range of equipment to match different types of operation. Whether you need forklifts powered by diesel or greener options that use electric batteries, we have equipment for you and the options we offer can manage loads of 1.25 to 25 tonnes. So, whatever your operation involves is, we guarantee you’ll find the truck you require in our range.

Traditionally fuelled forklifts

Both Gateshead and Newcastle have a past rooted in industry, a tradition that is still thriving today. Many firms in the area still need equipment that runs on Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) or diesel for their operations. This is because electric forklift options aren’t always cost-effective and don’t always have the range or power to cover larger sites and bear heavier loads.

As an official Doosan stockist, we are proud to supply an impressive range of diesel and LPG powered counterbalance forklifts that are unrivalled. While these forklifts use conventional fuels, they are renowned for being among the most eco-friendly options for diesel and LPG available, while still offering optimal power and efficiency.

Eco-friendly forklifts

In line with the Government’s green-minded goals, many industrial operations in Gateshead and Newcastle upon Tyne are now looking to adopt more environmentally friendly processes and methods. If your company is looking for greener equipment, you can count on us for the latest innovations in forklift technology.

Our entirely electric forklifts for hire are from the Doosan range and use state-of-the-art industry-leading technologies allowing them to run with zero-emissions. Additionally, we are an official EP supplier, allowing us to offer forklift trucks that use rechargeable lithium-Ion batteries. These cutting-edge forklift trucks are now a popular choice for many sites where material handling is involved due to their numerous benefits. From quick charging performed onboard to having a long lifespan and being clean to use, these solutions have many advantages.

Forklifts to fit your requirements

You might need fork-trucks that can carry heavy loads over long distances outdoors or need smaller options that can be easily manoeuvred down narrow corridors inside, but either way, you’ll find we have a solution for every application. Our hire options are also designed to meet a variety of budgets and are always competitively priced. This means enterprises looking for an affordable forklift rental in Gateshead and Newcastle upon Tyne will always be well served.

Specialists in forklift solutions

If you need a forklift rental but are unsure of what equipment to hire, we can help. With experience of the latest material handling solutions available, we can advise you on the most suitable equipment for your operation. Contact us today on 0191 271 0899 or complete our simple-to-use contact form.