Forklift training in Durham, Newton Aycliffe & Peterlee

If you operate in the North East’s industrial sector, you’ll need to make sure all your operators have the necessary skills to drive the forklifts used on your site. Whether you’re seeking courses offering forklift training around Durham, Newton Aycliffe, and Peterlee for a small warehouse operation or large-scale manufacturing site, you can count on Complete Material Handling to obtain the expert skills your team require.

Abilities obtained on forklift driver training courses

Among the leading providers serving Durham, Newton Aycliffe and Peterlee’s forklift training needs, we know how vital it is for staff to know how to operate material handling equipment productively and safely. Our comprehensive courses offer full training so that those undertaking them acquire a complete selection of abilities, hone their skills, and increase their knowledge.

Operators enrolled on our courses will be instructed on the best methods to control forklifts when empty or carrying goods and how to complete routine daily checks on the lifting equipment they’ll be driving. They will learn the safest ways to load and unload materials from forklifts and how to employ them to ferry cargo around warehouses, depending on whether it is stacked atop pallets or inside crates and storage containers. The best techniques for stacking loads inside a warehouse’s racking bays will also be taught, as well as the skills necessary to use forklifts to stack empty pallets. Course candidates will also be shown the best practices for moving equipment and cargo on construction sites by forklift safely.

Following the successful completion of our forklift driver training courses, your firm will be given legal certification that your forklift operators are fully trained with proven skills that allow them to operate equipment onsite in the safest and most effective way possible.

Comprehensive courses for your requirements

Our dedicated forklift truck training courses are all taught by qualified instructors with ITSSAR certification and encompass the vital areas of equipment used for material handling like equipment checks, forklift manoeuvring and superior cargo control skills. We provide three solutions you can choose from, refresher courses, conversion courses, and training for forklift instructors.

It’s always advised that a refresher course is retaken every three years to make certain your forklift truck driver’s knowledge regarding the HSE’s safety practices and regulations is always current. When you hire operators who are out of practice but have used forklifts previously, these courses can be a perfect option to polish up their skills to present standards.

Conversion courses are designed for situations where forklift drivers must expand their abilities, and train them on how to use different types of lift truck. These courses are crucial when forklift drivers must use new equipment in their work that they are untrained on, giving them the correct experience and skills to operate it safely.

We also provide forklift instructor training courses so candidates can learn the skills to be instructors while teaching them standard forklift operator skills and best practices that they can impart to those they train. These nationally recognised courses can equip enterprises with a professional instructor of their own, saving them both money and time.

Professional forklift training

If your operators require forklift training in Durham, Newton Aycliffe, and Peterlee, you can rely on us for a suite of courses to suit your specific needs. As a leading provider of forklift training for the North East, our certified instructors can make sure your team are fully trained and always operating according to health and safety laws keeping your company compliant.

Contact our expert team on 0191 271 0899 today to discuss our different courses or simply complete our online form if you’d like more details.