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Client: Titan Heavy Transport (UK) Limited

Lifting unique 5-tonne frame


Site access, liaise with client and machine manufacturer; we identified holding point, ground loading points, machine capacities and capabilities and operation processes. Titan Heavy Transport required a piece of bespoke engineering.


We needed to manoeuvre a delicate five-tonne piece of machinery into place and allow access to engineers while that machinery was being hoisted for fixing.


We quickly identified the right machine to ensure access was achievable. We considered lifting points, capacities, reach distance, and supporting needs for the operation, all of which were based on the highest levels of health and safety in what was a very hazardous situation. All plans and strategies were documented and agreed by the engineers and design team at Titan.

“Having worked with Kevin and his team since Complete started in 2014, we knew his expertise and attitude would deliver the result we were looking for.”

Kevin Staines, Titan Heavy Transport