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Leading the way in warehouse performance 

Complete Material Handling, the North East provider of Doosan forklifts has launched a major upgrade programme for its high-performance warehouse truck range, starting with the introduction of new enhanced models in the stacker and powered pallet truck ranges – including the BPL18/20S-7 with lateral drive, the BPM20S-7 with middle drive, and the BDL13S-7(H) double stacker.

Also available, is the new versatile, 1.5 tonne capacity electric pallet truck, with lateral drive, which has a built-in charger, long-life batteries and a compact chassis for extra manoeuvrability.

Further upgraded models include a comprehensive range of five pedestrian stacker trucks in capacities from 1.0 – 2.0 tonne, a 1.8 tonne pedestrian double stacker and a 2.0 tonne platform double stacker

Standard features across the ranges include low-noise and maintenance-free AC motors, electric power steering, regenerative braking, sensitive proportional hydraulics, multi-functional display for monitoring energy and machine status, turtle speed button, hydraulic damper for shock-free load lowering – all combined with a robust, compact chassis that offers high manoeuvrability in tight spaces and designed-in stability for lifting confidence and safety.

The warehouse range is fully supported by Complete Material Handling ’s service network and backed-up by genuine parts – underscoring Complete Material Handling ’s commitment to maximum performance with minimum downtime.

Power to perform

Complete Material Handling has also unveiled a 1.5 to 2.0 tonne capacity Lithium-ion powered pallet truck, offering excellent acceleration for enhanced productivity and a choice of charging systems – either direct or by easy removal of the battery. Fully recharged within 2 – 2.5 hours, the battery offers an average of three hours of operation and supports boost charging at any time.

We can now boast, the two new rider platform powered pallet trucks that will be introduced to the market as part of an on-going programme of product development and enhancement for Complete Material Handling ’s high-performance warehouse truck range.

Managing Director Kevin Richardson, of Complete Material Handling says: “Productivity within the warehouse is increasingly becoming an important focus for businesses in manufacturing and retail. Labour availability is under pressure and customer expectations for service and delivery is unrelenting, so companies need higher performance materials handling equipment to support their plans for productivity gains.

He continues: “Over the coming months we will be introducing a steady stream of warehouse truck upgrades and new models – complementing our extensive range of IC engine and electric counterbalance trucks. This is all part of a comprehensive remodelling programme that further supports Complete Material Handling ’s position as a powerful North East business, supplying robust and reliable solutions across a broad spectrum of industrial activity – in the yard, the factory and the warehouse.”

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