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Short Term & Long Term Hire Options

Complete Material Handling offers versatile short-term and long-term forklift hire solutions tailored to your business’s unique demands. Whether your needs are temporary, project-based, or ongoing, our comprehensive forklift hire options provide the flexibility and reliability you require.

Why Choose Complete Material Handling?

  1. Wide Forklift Selection
    Access a diverse range of forklift models to meet your specific material handling needs.
  2. Expert Maintenance
    Count on our experienced team for top-notch forklift maintenance and servicing.
  3. Customer-Focused
    We prioritise your satisfaction, delivering solutions that align with your objectives.
  4. Proven Track Record
    With a history of successful forklift hire, we provide reliable and efficient services.
  5. Cost-Efficiency
    Enjoy cost-effective hire options designed to save you money and resources.
  6. Tailored Solutions
    We adapt our forklift hire to your requirements, ensuring a seamless fit.
  7. Flexible Terms
    Choose from short-term or long-term hire, selecting the best option for your business.

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Short Term Forklift Hire

Our short-term forklift hire solution is designed for businesses facing immediate and short-duration needs. It’s the ideal choice for projects, seasonal surges, or unforeseen demands. With our short-term hire, you gain quick access to high-quality forklifts without the commitments of ownership. This cost-effective and adaptable solution allows you to meet material handling needs on a temporary basis.

Benefits of Short Term Forklift Hire:

  • Flexibility
    Swiftly adapt to changing demands with no lengthy contracts.
  • Cost-Efficiency
    Pay only for the forklifts needed during your timeframe.
  • No Ownership Hassles
    Skip the responsibilities of forklift ownership, like maintenance and servicing.

Long Term Forklift Hire

For businesses with ongoing and consistent material handling needs, our long-term forklift hire option is the ideal choice. Whether it’s for daily operations, extended projects, or warehouse management, our long-term hire offers the equipment and support required. With long-term hire, enjoy equipment stability and reliability without the capital investment associated with ownership.

Benefits of Long Term Forklift Hire:

  • Operational Consistency
    Ensure seamless material handling with a reliable fleet.
  • Budget Predictability
    Manage your finances effectively with fixed monthly hire costs.
  • Maintenance Convenience
    Experience regular servicing and maintenance, included in the hire package.

Discover how our flexible hire solutions can boost your material handling efficiency. Get in touch with us today to discuss your requirements and discover the perfect hire solution for your business.