Forklift training in Billingham &


Forklift training elevates driver safety and competence to the highest level. As one of the leading providers of materials handling training for organisations and their staff in Billingham and Stockton, we know that a forklift course is much more than simply gaining a qualification.

Be it initial instruction, a refresher course, conversion training or instructor qualification, forklift training must ensure that each and every participant gains a certificate that reflects their increased confidence, capability and care when operating a truck. Only then will they be able to perform their role in a safe and effective manner. That brings added value and peace of mind to their employer.

Forklift jobs in Billingham and Stockton

There are said to be about 4,000 people working as forklift drivers in the North East of England. The areas of Billingham and Stockton have seen rapid growth in materials handling jobs in recent years.

The close proximity of the two Teesside towns to the A19 trunk road provides businesses with excellent transport links to the north and south. The major route has recently undergone extensive expansion and improvement works to ease congestion. Distribution, storage and logistics companies have seized upon this to establish a growing number of large facilities.

Billingham and Stockton forklift training – the essentials

Certificated forklift training is mandatory under the law. The Health and Safety at Work Act (1974) is explicit in this.

Operators of a forklift must be properly trained. The Approved Code Of Practice (ACOP) for forklift truck operator training requires that:

  • The employee has received essential training encompassing a practical and theory test.
  • The operator has undertaken training specific to their role and their workplace.
  • Every forklift driver has had familiarisation training in their workplace under everyday working conditions.

However, not all essential forklift training courses are created equally, nor forklift instructors themselves.

This is why you should choose Complete Material Handling for forklift courses in Billingham and Stockton.

Complete Material Handling – our approach

Complete Material Handling offer a seamless, integrated material handlings solution for businesses of any size. Our forklift training courses equip operators with the capability and confidence to:

    • Undertake essential safety checks at the start and end of each shift.
    • Understand how to take action and/or seek advice should they observe a potential safety issue.
    • Perform every manoeuvre under complete control with constant regard to safety.
    • Understand the requirements for moving different types of cargo, including travelling, lifting and lowering.
    • Load and unload vehicles safely and with regard to the latest industry guidance and good practice.
    • Transport goods around a warehouse safely and efficiently with constant regard to other vehicles and staff.
    • Transport goods safely and efficiently around a site and enter/exit a building with due regard to safety.
    • Properly and safely stack goods and pallets in and out of racking systems and other types of storage areas.

We also offer comprehensive conversion training packages. Conversion training is for those forklift operators who need to extend their skills to competently operate a different type of lift truck. This is a cost-effective way to broaden the skills and knowledge of your materials handling workforce.

Alternatively, our forklift instructor training enables companies to appoint certified lift truck instructors in-house. This can be an effective and efficient way to ensure large numbers of staff receive initial and refresher training within the organisation.

All attendees benefit from training by an ITSSAR qualified instructor. The Independent Training Standards Scheme and Register is an accreditation body that establishes and implements quality standards for forklift trainers across the industry.

To discuss your requirements for forklift training in Billingham and Stockton, or your wider materials handling needs, contact us today for no obligation, expert advice.