Adjustable Fork Mounted Hook

The adjustable fork mounted hook provides a quick and economical method of the lifting and positioning of unpalletised loads. Multiple lifting positions can be achieved by the correct positioning of the attachment along the fork blade.

Fork Mounted Height Adjustable Extending Jib

The height adjustable extending jib has all the characteristics of the standard incline fixed jib with the additional benefit of angular lifts. This allows tall and awkward loads to be lifted by increasing the lift height of the forklift truck or telehandler.

Fork Mounted Extending Jib

Like the fork mounted jib, the extending version allows the movement of long and awkward loads from inaccessible locations with up to 9 different lifting positions and with the added benefit of two hooks and shackles so as to ‘cradle’ your load.

Sand Bag Carrier

Specifically designed for the safe movement of sacks, ballast or similar by hooping through all four welded lifting hooks. Due to its single lifting eye, the unit can be fitted to overhead crane, HIAB or forklift via a swivel hook.

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