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Yale Pallet Stackers

Pallet Stackers

Pedestrian High Lift Stacker

Model: MSC10

  • Dependability
  • Productivity
  • Ergonomics
  • Cost of Ownership
  • Serviceability
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Key Features


  • MOSFET DC controller for traction and hydraulic controls
  • Battery discharge indicator (Red – Amber – Green status)
  • Welded fork construction makes them highly resistant to torsion and heavy loads
  • In case of collision components and batteries are protected with special designed cover


  • Compact chassis design to improve accessibility
  • Operator-friendly tiller head controls for productive load handling
  • Standard anti-roll back system
  • Stabilizing wheel to maximize stability when turning
  • Single load wheels
Yale Pallet Stackers


  • Ergonomically tiller head designed for maximum operator comfort
  • Low effort controls ergonomically placed to reduce operator fatigue
  • Adjustable performance setting to suit specific operation conditions
  • Responsive butterfly switches control travel direction, speed and braking allow a smooth start, controlled braking and acceleration
  • Adjustable Creep-speed function for manoeuvring in dense areas – tiller arm in an upright position or lowered

Cost of Ownership

  • On board 10A HF charger for on-site recharge
  • Optimized battery packs to ensure maximum time of operation
  • Easy access to motor and key components to reduce downtime


  • Quick accessibility for exchange of batteries
  • Maintenance free sealed lead acid batteries

Technical Specification

Load Capacity: 1000kg

Power Source: 24V / 54h(V/Ah)

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