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Low Level Access

We are investing heavily in our access equipment supply, we have developed great relationships with our suppliers to offer you the best deals whether you are looking to purchase or rent.

For help and advice for any upcoming projects, please contact us on 0191 271 0899 or email for a free site survey.

Low Level Access

Drivable Lifts

Low-level, lightweight, self-propelled machines like the nano SP range offer an even more productive alternative to push-around in the right application.

Where the user has many repositions through the working day, or regular movement when elevated, then self-propelled offers the convenience of not having to descend to move or not having to step out of the platform to move.

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Low Level Access

Non-Powered Lifts

The JLG EcoLift Series are a major step-change in low-level access. It’s so easy, fast and efficient to use, it’s intuitive. Just step in and turn the handle. And you don’t need power; no batteries to charge or mains power consumption.

  • Ability to use both hands on the job rather than needing to maintain three points of contact using ladders
  • No need to build and dismantle, so no setup time, simply push in place and use
  • Ability to work precisely at the proper height
  • Room for material and tools, rated for 330lbs capacity (operator and equipment)
  • Choose from two heights for job options
  • Features an intuitive stored power lift/lower system for simple, 24/7 use
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Low Level Access

Push Around Mast Lifts

Easier and more productive than manual access: the user simply steps into the fully guarded platform and presses a button or turns a handle.

  • No need to erect and dismantle scaffold or climb up a ladder
  • Position the platform height exactly where you want it.
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