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Why not get a FREE valuation now?

As a business, at some point in time you will need a new fleet of forklift trucks, and ideally, there is some value left in the asset for you. But when is the best time to consider this? Some of the dictating factors of renewing your truck that may turn up on your radar will be the cost and frequency of repairs. Is the vehicle cost and performance-ready? Or more so, what is the cost of a breakdown to you and your company, what is the cost to you if you cannot deliver? Eventually, this is something that is just unavoidable and a necessity for your business. Once compromised, there is usually one decision, but lots of questions.

As an investment into your business, you have to consider all options. But what is the best way of making the right decision to move on? Could your truck could still be worth something to you? Is it still an asset? Could your truck still generate you with the deposit, income or be part ex’ed against a new or used truck.

When selling your truck to us, we will consider various dictating factors, that have to be taken into consideration, such as the obvious make, model, age and hours, which should provide a reason to argue that your vehicle should have a value of “X”.

What Complete can promise, is to provide you with the best available deal, in order to get the full benefit of trading in. We will accurately assess your fleet, to understand when you should move your forklift truck on. We provide clear and sound advice to you based on what is best for your business. Reducing any risk to your business and future-proofing your forklift trucks value.

We have a great part exchange service with 100’s of satisfied customers. We carry both new and used pieces of equipment and would be capable of finding you your next fleet.

Complete will offer you best in market value, secure the deal upfront and with no hidden fees to pay. Call us today for a free valuation. On 0191 271 0899, e-mail